UAV VAANVILI VS Series is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ideal for surveillance and observation missions. The system is easy handle and totally automatic operation from take-off to landing.

Ground Control Station

The Integrated ground station system is a multi-function system integrated with high-definition image receiving & display, data transmission link and multi-function ground station.


The software helps the UAV to perform the entire mission in automatic mode under the control of the operator in real time.


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Who We Are ?

Garudan is a manufacturing and services entity which provide innovative, efficient and reliable solutions for the sector of Defence, Aerospace, Police forces and other prevention and protective service agencies.

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To provide next generation state of art technology “MAKE IN INDIA” UAV, Drone and Surveillance Equipment for law enforcement agencies and security forces in search and rescue operation, perimeter security and observation mission with the help of “EYE ON SKY”.

Our endurance is to continuously research in this field to FLY HIGH in the technologically competitive world.


To be a technological leader in developing “SWARMS”, the next generation weapon.

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